I’m sure most of you know by now that I’ve taken over Ninja Book Swap from Bex. If you haven’t already, go follow @ninjabookswap on Twitter to keep up-to-date and get gift ideas. Sign-ups close 23rd September so don’t leave it too late if you’d like to join in. Remember to use the #ninjabookswap hashtag when chatting about or sharing the swap!

I’ve included some photos from past swaps to whet your appetite and give you an idea of what gets sent.

Sign up for the Original Ninja Book Swap

This swap is just like Secret Santa, just not at Christmas. You’ll need a wishlist somewhere public so your partner knows what books you want and there’s a bunch of questions on the sign-up form to help with the gift buying. You’ll be expected to send at least one book and a gift but it’s up to you how much extra you do.

We try to match people up with vaguely similar interests/taste but this swap is a lot less structured than Trick or Treat…

Sign up for the Trick or Treat Swap

Fancy reading a book outside your comfort zone? That’s what your trick will be, chosen by someone who loves that genre. You’ll also receive a treat in the form of a wishlist book and gift. For this swap you will be expected to send at least two books and a small gift.

Soooo, most the sign-ups for trick or treat have been fantasy fans, so we really want a few people to sign up who don’t usually read fantasy but would like to give it a go. We’d also love a few more fans of horror and poetry, but please do sign-up regardless and we’ll make it work somehow! It would also be super helpful to be flexible with sending abroad but I do understand this can get expensive.

Read more FAQ.

If you can’t take part this time round, we’re hoping to continue hosting it twice a year. Subscribe to our mailing list for future updates. We don’t have a website at the moment so Twitter is the best place to stay informed!