I’m a bit late with my quarterly stats, mostly because I’ve not been doing a great job on keeping my spreadsheets up to date. These stats are for April to June 2018 and don’t include anything I’ve read or acquired in July.

I read 31 books during this period, a little higher than the first quarter which I put down to audiobooks. This brings the half year total up to 57. My average rating was 3.7 with some fabulous books read and only a handful of disappointing reads. I read 11,099 pages which is an average 122 pages a day.

My favourite three books of the quarter were:

A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir
I Still Dream by James Smythe
Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

My most read genre was fantasy (13), followed by science fiction (8) and I also read from non-fiction, crime, horror and contemporary fiction (including YA). 27% of books were by BAME authors/artists (same as last quarter) and 61% by female authors/artists.

A whopping 7 books were audiobooks which is quite a surprise as I am listening to these at times when I wouldn’t be able to sit down with a book. Unsurprisingly my most read format is paperback at 10, with ebooks close behind at 9. I have only read 5 books in hardback this quarter. Only four of these were review copies, so mostly I have been reading my own books.

I acquired 53 new books, 8 were unsolicited (so totally not my fault) and one was a library borrow. I spent ยฃ212.22 which is an average of ยฃ4.00 per book or if I exclude books I got for free ยฃ5.74 per book.

My challenge totals as of the end of June:

Beat the Backlist = 13/30 (on track)
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge = 29/50 (on track)
Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo = 9/25 (behind)
Read Harder = 13/24 (on track)
Goodreads = 57/100 (on track)

Progress made on all of them, and my Beat the Backlist goal is very nearly reached. I have been chugging along nicely on Popsugar and intend to finish, including the “advanced” prompts. I am dithering over quitting Read Harder. I will tick things off if I read something that fits but I’m not really enthused about it this year.

The numbers for my very own challenge are abysmal I know. I have read lots of science fiction and fantasy, honest! I don’t know why I’m not ticking these off but I will do better in the second half, at least complete a bingo line or two!