Welcome to my mini challenge for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, Book Spine Poetry!

I hope you are having a great readathon. If for some reason book spine poetry has passed you by, it’s basically a poem made out of book titles. If you want it to be a photo challenge, just stack up your books to spell out your poem and take a photo of the spines. Easy peasy.

If you’re reading digitally, or just don’t have the books to hand, you are more than welcome to just type out the titles in poem form. Here are a few examples of my book spine poems from past readathons:

Close your pretty eyes,
Let the games begin.
Truth or dare, do no harm.
Only we know it can’t happen here.
Warm bodies, shattered minds.
Dead ever after.

Oh, dear Silvia
Wicked business!
Bad girls hidden behind the sofa
The other hand among others…

I’d love to see your poems so please tag @patchworkbunny if you’re posting on Twitter or Instagram. If you’d like to be entered into the prize draw* for a book of your choice, please pop your details into this form so that I can track you down easily. Please, please if you’re sharing on your Instagram stories can you tag @patchworkbunny as otherwise I might not get to see them before they disappear.

*This is open internationally as much as possible, ideally Wordery or The Book Depository will ship to you, however if not I will try and find an alternative prize. Maximum prize value ยฃ20.

Since we are approaching the final hours, if you’d rather do this as a post-readathon challenge, I will keep the entries open until the end of Sunday.