So already a day late on my new weekly updates. The oven broke this week which meant Thursday was more of a “helping” Josh out building a replacement cabinet for the new oven kinda evening. Went into Bournemouth on Sunday for lunch and a walk through the gardens, it was surprisingly busy (and unseasonably warm). I don’t think I’ve been into central Bournemouth since we were sent home from work prior to lockdown. Was nice to get out and see it was still there!

Anyone else noticed there are mushrooms everywhere this year? Has it been a good year for them or has lack of stimulation just made me more observant?

This week I finished three books, firstly being We Have Always Lived in the Castle which ticked off classic prompts for both ATY and Popsugar challenges. I absolutely loved it, much more than Hill House. It charming yet dark and the tension builds slowly.

I listened to The Fated Sky the second of Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series, which she narrates herself. I felt this had less plot than the first one but still enjoyed their mission to Mars. I went and bought the audio of the third book for when I’m finished my challenges. I’m taking two or three weeks to get through an audiobook now I’m not commuting, so I’m not really getting through my Audible credits fast enough.

Lastly I read Prime Deceptions (thanks Orbit for the free copy) the sequel to Chilling Effect. For those disappointed by the small role the psychic cats played in the first book, you will be pleased, Mala gets out and about this time. I thought this was a much better plotted and paced story, and I will definitely continue with the series now.

Honestly, I will write a proper review of something next week. I have a few half drafts, I can do it!

Check out the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon blog next week for Scully’s opinion on readathon!

New Books Through the Door:

The Diabolical Bones by Bella Ellis (audio)
Serpentine by Philip Pullman
The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal (audio)