Unlike the rest of the country, we haven’t had any snow this week, but the wind has been biting and the rain cold enough that I wish it was snow. I’ve been feeling extra cold, thanks to my thyroid becoming underactive after the radioiodine therapy. I just got my prescription for levothyroxine though, so hopefully I will both warm up and feel a bit cheerier. I feel like I could burst into tears at the slightest thing right now and it’s distracting me from the important business of reading!

View over salt marshes at Keyhaven on a sunny winter day.

At the weekend we went a walk at Keyhaven and took a different route that went through farmland before circling back along the coast which was a nice change. At least for us, since we see the coast so much! It was one from our little book of local walks too, so we’re back to ticking those off.

There were so many Brent geese coming into land at Sturt Pond. They are an overwintering species but I don’t recall seeing them before, and every time we thought that must be it, that must be the last group, some more honked their way in. It’s good to see a healthy wild bird population considering the news is full of climate collapse and bird flu.

Endpaper of the Week is from V.E. Schwab’s Gallant:

Illustration of a dandelion clock, on red background with a skeletal hand reaching towards it.

Books read:

someone elses shoes

Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

I can recommend the audiobook read by Daisy Ridley, she does a great job making all the characters distinct and full of life. Not my favourite Jojo Moyes book but I did enjoy it, even though the whole shoes plot was a bit unbelievable. I liked the importance of good friendships and the contrast between the two women’s marriages, both have problems but ultimately one is good and the other is awful.

  • Popsugar # 35. A book about divorce
  • ATY Rejects: A book featuring The Widow, the Wallflower, or the Woman Scorned

Books acquired:

You can tell something’s up, I didn’t buy any books this week…