So first off, I completely failed at taking part in the London Bookshop Crawl Readathon, I read most of Last Night at the Telegraph Club and that was it. The weather was pretty good for a bank holiday weekend and I got some garden tasks done, went on a few walks and we even had a chilly barbeque with one guest (strictly outdoors of course). Then when I wasn’t outside I was completing the community centre on Stardew Valley (I didn’t get that far when I played on PC so I’m quite pleased with myself for sticking with it on Switch).

I made some planters with my not-so-old wellies that split last month and replaced the bramble in the front garden with a raspberry. I cleared out a fair chunk of old foliage too, which means it looks a bit bare in places. But the frost this week means I need to hold off planting the replacements.

Weekend walkies took us into the New Forest and down to the beach. Ironically, we rarely walk in the forested bits of the forest, we often walk out on the heathland.

Scully found herself an impressive stick at the beach and proceeded to parade round with it, trying to clonk us on the head…

I feel the background blur on my Pixel 3 photos has gone a bit wonky. Like I used to be able to correct it manually but now editing just makes it worse. I suspect they’ve updated it to work with the newer Pixels. I’ll just have to dust off my DSLR again, thought it is more annoying to carry round on the off chance I want to take a photo.

On the reading front I did finish a couple of books before the weekend. I read Rescue Me by Sarra Manning, a cute romcom about a couple who reluctantly share a rescue dog. I was a bit irritated with Margot at the start, she’s desperate to start a family, and she seems to expect any man she meets to agree with that straight away, not really giving anyone a chance. I’m not a fan of the whole “the biological clock is ticking” storylines, but Blossom the staffie won me over. I found the dog-ownership part pretty realistic, not glossing over the less fun parts.

I also finished Future Perfect by Felicia Yap, a near-future thriller set in the fashion world, looking at predictive algorithms. I really enjoyed this on audio, the narrators help throw you off the scent and I didn’t not work out the person from the past before they were revealed.

On the blog I shared the April releases on my radar. And then I accidentally bought a pile of cute graphic novels, which will be perfect for Dewey’s readathon.

New books acquired:

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell
Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo
The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward (ebook)
Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker + Wendy Xu
The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill
Moonstruck: Magic to Brew by Grace Ellis + Shae Beagle
Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook by Liv Albert + Sara Richard
The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin (ebook)
The Animals of Lockwood Manor by Jane Healey (ebook)
Most Likely by Sarah Watson (ebook)
The Castaways by Lucy Clarke (ebook)