Well, back to lockdown. Things are not too different for me to be honest, I’ve been working from home since March and we tend only go out to walk Scully, which we’re still allowed to do. I don’t know how crazy she would get if she couldn’t have her walks…

I did go out for a birthday lunch in Lymington this week. Ooh and I finally finished my Ankh-Morpork puzzle that I started nearly three years ago! Honestly trying not to think about world events too much, puzzles help.

The temperature has turned cold, and the first frosts have brought beautiful crisp mornings. So much nicer than soggy rain.

I’m getting close to finishing the Popsugar reading challenge, just need to finish my current two books and one more, so hopefully I can do that before the new list is out. This week I read Cat Among the Pigeons a Poirot mystery without much Poirot in! It’s set in a girl’s school and was quite enjoyable if a bit silly. I thought the headmistress was surprisingly modern for an Agatha Christie!

I also read These Witches Don’t Burn which was a cute, queer, witchy YA. This is the first book in a series but it kept referencing a couple of things that happened prior to the story in a way that made me feel like I’d missed something. The before action could have been presented better but overall I enjoyed it, and will probably read the next one.

I also read Becoming Unbecoming for a bit of a cheaty “bildungsroman” because I don’t think it technically fits the definition since it’s a graphic memoir, but there’s no challenge police to tell me off. It’s about sexual abuse and victim blaming set against the Yorkshire Ripper cases. Very impactful.