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Category: Literary

General Fiction, Literary


“Do you know, Quinn, there isn’t even a single word for a parent who has lost a child? Strange, isn’t it? You would think, after all these centuries of war and disease and trouble, but no, there is a hole in the English language. It…

5 Star, General Fiction, Literary


Ragnarök is the latest edition to Canongate’s excellent Myths series, all standalone novels by a variety of the world’s finest writers. Written by A.S. Byatt of The Children’s Book fame, it tells the Nordic story of the Judgement of the Gods or the end of…

General Fiction, Literary

The Book of Crows

I fear I may have put a few people off this book with my comparison to Cloud Atlas, however I enjoyed Sam Meekings’ The Book of Crows much more. Whilst both books have multiple stories spanning across history, Cloud Atlas is a literary matryoshka doll…