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Category: Literary

General Fiction, Literary

Astonish Me

Jean is a dancer in the corps. She knows she’ll never be good enough for principle, but she has her career ahead of her. She was the one who helped the great Arslan Rusakov defect from Russia, she loves him but she’s not good enough…

General Fiction, Literary

The Lemon Grove

One hot week in Mallorca. Jenn and Greg’s annual holiday is a time for relaxation and indulgence, but this year, the peace is broken by the arrival of Emma and her boyfriend Nathan. It would be easy to do The Lemon Grove an injustice in…

General Fiction, Literary, Translation

Lazy Days

Bror Telemann is on holiday in Germany with his wife and children. His wife Nina, loves Germany. He doesn’t. He does like theatre and Nigella Lawson though. Whilst the rest of his family enjoy the sights, he lets his mind wander to thoughts of theatre……

General Fiction, Literary

Care of Wooden Floors

Oskar has left his apartment in the hands of an old university friend. It is a beautiful apartment, carefully decorated with everything in its place. The wooden floors are the pièce de résistance and require careful treatment. Oskar is very precise about this. Should anything…

General Fiction, Literary

The Heart Broke In

Guest review by Byron from Bournemouth Book Club. James Meek’s new novel operates in a category all of it’s own. Described by Philip Pullman as a ‘moral thriller’, The Heart Broke In is an exploration of deceit and betrayal in the modern world with its…

General Fiction, Literary

The Crane Wife

All stories begin before they start and never, ever finish. When an injured crane lands in George’s garden in the middle of the night, he is compelled to help the beautiful creature. A few days later, Kumiko walks into his shop and shows him her…

General Fiction, Literary

England’s Lane

Guest review by Denise @ The next time the BBC are scouring the bookshelves for new novels to serialise in their Sunday evening ‘life was harder then, but more fulfilling’ slot they would probably get very excited about Connolly’s England’s Lane. Set in 1959,…