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Category: Literary

General Fiction, Literary


Versailles is the home of the Baer family, a 100-room mega mansion built by the CEO of a prolific social media company. His daughter, Missy, has gone missing. She’s deleted her profile and gone off the grid. Her twin brother tries to track her down…

General Fiction, Literary

The Road

A man and a boy make their way along a road through a destroyed and desolate country. Where no one they meet can be considered a friend. There is no food other than what they can scavenge from already ransacked buildings. I don’t mind bleak….

5 Star, General Fiction, Literary

All Involved

In 1992, when the white cops who beat Rodney King were acquitted of assault and walked away scot free, racial tensions in Los Angeles flared and triggered six days of rioting. In the South Central neighbourhood of Lynwood, another story plays out, telling the untold…

General Fiction, Literary


Pearl doesn’t know how she came to be in the river behind her house. Soon her daughter and granddaughter arrive to sort through her things, get the house on the market. Ada and Pepper have moved around so much, Ada never holding down a job…