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Tag: karin slaughter

after that night
Crime Fiction

After That Night

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free of charge for review purposes only. Receipt of a book does not guarantee a review or endorsement. After That Night is the 11th book in the Will Trent series and therefore…


Q+A with Karin Slaughter

What draws you to crime fiction as a genre? I’ve always loved reading crime fiction—my first books were Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. As a writer, I think crime is a useful function. By nature, the story has to have…

5 Star, Crime Fiction


Unseen in the 7th book in the Will Trent series (which follows on from the Grant County series) and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Lena had told Jared it was bad luck to paint the…

Crime Fiction


Will Trent is working undercover in Macon, disguised as tough biker Bill Black. But that doesn’t mean he can’t stop at a gas station for an iced Coke. Whilst waiting for his drink, an armed robbery takes place. Will just…

5 Star, Crime Fiction


Atlanta, 1974: Amanda Wagner and Evelyn Mitchell are young, female police officers in a man’s world. A step up from secretaries, they are assigned to sex crimes and rarely see a serious case. When they are sent to Techwood Homes…

Crime Fiction


Will has managed to annoy his boss, Amanda, yet again and has been assigned men’s toilet duty at the airport. His main job is to intercept men meeting up for a bit of hanky panky but when he overhears a…

Crime Fiction


I’m always excited by the latest instalment in Karin Slaughter’s Georgia crime series and have been especially pleased that Sara and Will return in Fallen. When we first met Will, we knew that he’d been involved in investigating Faith’s mother’s…