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this is why we liedThis is Why We Lied is the 12th book in the Will Trent series and therefore this review many contain spoilers for the previous books.

Will and Sara are on their honeymoon when a woman is brutally murdered. Even halfway up a mountain, cut-off from civilization, they can’t get a break from their day jobs. Will shouldn’t get involved; the prime suspect is someone he recognizes from his childhood. They are meant to be enjoying themselves. But when the local police don’t seem interested in a proper investigation, they know they need to call in the GBI.

There’s hardly a person on this mountain right now who doesn’t want to kill me.

While After That Night revisited Sara’s past, This is Why We Lied uses someone from Will’s past as a springboard into the story. Any Karin Slaughter book comes with trigger warnings, this time for domestic violence, mentions of rape, and child abuse.

The title refers to multiple examples of characters lying for a reason, but primarily Will and Sara try and hide the jobs. People don’t like law enforcement, and Sara didn’t want to be asked about medical issues all week long. Turns out exactly what this place needs is an investigator and a doctor.

I was pretty excited to see the latest Will Trent book was also a closed circle mystery. Faith repeatedly calls it a locked-room mystery (she was excited too, despite getting the subgenre wrong), but there’s no puzzle in how the murder was done. The mystery is which one of the people in the remote holiday camp did it.

Not that the possible witnesses were going to help. Two of them had already driven away in their Mercedes. Two more had refused to be interviewed. Two were acting suspicious while they walked around in their underwear. Two of the least important ones were eager to help. The victim’s immediate family was behaving like a stranger had died.

The ex-husband is the obvious choice of suspect, especially with the history of domestic violence. Will knows Dave from the children’s home, knows what sort of person he is. Will is of course, ready to arrest Dave immediately. For about half the book, the assumption is that Dave did it, but as readers we are primed to know this is far too obvious. Karin wouldn’t give us the answer from the very beginning, would she?

Poor Mercy. If her family were to be believed, she was an awful person, but Sara sees straight through that in the small amount of time they spend together. She was a victim even before she was murdered, and as the investigation continues, you learn more about her and how hard her life has been under a controlling family. First her parents, then her husband.

The only difference between Will and Dave was that someone had given Will a break.

Karin has delivered another page turning mystery featuring characters I care about. I always find it hard to recommend this series from the start, because it can be shocking and gruesome at times, but it’s one of my favourite mystery series to keep up with.

This is Why We Lied is published by HarperCollins and is out now in hardback, ebook and audiobook editions. Thanks go to the publisher for providing a copy for review via NetGalley.

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