I’m always excited by the latest instalment in Karin Slaughter’s Georgia crime series and have been especially pleased that Sara and Will return in Fallen. When we first met Will, we knew that he’d been involved in investigating Faith’s mother’s narcotics squad and now we learn a little bit more about that time.

Faith returns late to her mother’s home after attending a training session that runs over. She finds her baby daughter locked in the shed, signs of bloodshed in the kitchen and no sign of her mother. Was Will right in thinking Evelyn was involved all those years ago? The rest of the plot digs deep into Faith’s family life as her, Will, Sara and Amanda work around the clock to get Evelyn back safe and sound.

I loved the idea that Amanda has a network of tough women, ready to spring into action or convey intelligence. It’s definitely a story of empowered women but also women who have made mistakes in their lives. I’m afraid the critical bit of information to the resolution of the plot wasn’t very believable. I won’t say why as it’d be a huge spoiler and otherwise it was a great pacey read. I don’t think established fans will be too disappointed.

Grant County, Will Trent and Georgia all seem to be marked as different series, but with the exception of perhaps Triptych, they really do need to be read in order as there is a lot of ongoing character development in her novels. Some of the titles also differ between UK and US versions.

#2 Kisscut
#3 A Faint Cold Fear
#5 Faithless
#7 Skin Privilege (Beyond Reach)
#8 Fractured
#9 Genesis (Undone)
#10 Broken
#11 Fallen

I think I wrote a top ten a few weeks ago where I got Faith and Angie mixed up. Faith isn’t the mean girl and Angie doesn’t get much page space this time round. I’m glad that Karin has decided to give Will some backbone at long last!