Monday, 6 November 2017

#NonficNov: Book Pairings

This week's Nonfiction November prompt, hosted by Sarah's Book Shelves, is book pairings . I love finding out more about the real aspects of novels I read. I have read a lot more fantasy lately so had to scrape the barrel for related novels this time (I must read those books about folklore to prepare for next year).

Soviet Space Dogs / Laika

This is a super obvious pairing, the graphic novel of Laika is somewhat based on fact but has a lot of fiction mixed in and it tells part the story from the dog's perspective.

You Will Not Have My Hate / My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Antoine Leirene writes so raw and honestly about the loss of his wife in a terrorist attack, and how he decided to raise his son with love not hate in his heart. In Annabel Pitcher's novel, the family is also living with a similar loss. The father in the story chooses hate whilst the main character befriends a Muslim girl at school.

The Outrun / Island of Wings

These are set on different Scottish islands and one is contemporary and the other historical, however they both capture island life, the hardships, the natural beauty and the role of religion, whether it be organised or something more personal.


  1. These pairings all sound good, but the idea of a book from the dog's point of view is fascinating!

  2. You Will Not Have My Hate & My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece both sound really, really good. Great pairings!

  3. This is not really the topic at hand, but the cover designs for The Outrun and Island of Wings are both beautiful! I'm attracted for that reason alone (but I would also love to read about life on Scottish islands).

  4. I love stories set in Scotland so I'll definitely be checking out both books in your last pairing! I really like the cover of "The Outrun"!

  5. I just know the dog's point of view will make me cray, I am a sucker for dogs. I like the Scottish books very much.

  6. All these books are new to me... interesting pairings!

  7. I have You Will Not Have My Hate here in the house, but I haven't got up the courage to read it as yet. I love the cover of Laika and would pick it up if I ever saw it.


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