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Racing Against The Film Industry

It seems the film industry has tapped into my TBR in order to find material for scripts. Looking at my bookshelves, there are many books that didn’t exist on film when I obtained them but have since been adapted. This year there’s Never Let Me Go, Water For Elephants and the relatively unknown Submarine; all books I’ve had sat on my shelves for at least a year. Whilst book people are generally pretty good at not giving out spoilers, the same can’t be said for those that love films. People like to know what a film’s going to be about before parting with their hard earned pennies, but as a reader, I like to start a book knowing as little as possible. Once a book has been made into a film, it’s hard to ignore it. When I went to see Never Let Me Go (after finally getting round to reading it), I saw the Water For Elephants trailer and felt like sticking my fingers in my ears and going ‘lalalala’. I promptly read my copy and am now looking forward to the release of the film. I have to admit it looks pretty spectacular.

I picked up Submarine after Joe Dunthorne wrote and read a version of Hansel and Gretel for a Shoot London event. It’s one of those books that I felt I had as long as I like to get round to reading it. Now there’s pressure…and I sort of want to see the film now I’ve heard it’s directed by Moss from The IT Crowd. With any luck the film will be as low-key as the book and I can patiently wait for the DVD.

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  1. lovely treez

    I rarely watch film adaptations of books I've enjoyed as I don't want the translation to disappoint me. Maybe I should watch the dvd of My Sister's Keeper which someone gave me ages ago! Although last night I did watch The Road (Cormac McCarthy)and now I want to read the book. I'm a little bit contrary…

  2. So many books, so little time

    Thanks for being my first follower πŸ˜€

    I tend to read the book first and then see the movie. I usually enjoy the movie although in the case of Bridget Jones Diary I preferred the movie to the books but had seen the movie first.

  3. Mia

    I didn't realise it was written by the Shoot London guy! πŸ™‚ The film is wonderful, Tzevai and I saw it last week and it was beautiful and understated and tragically funny. Definitely worth a watch.

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