Mythology, time travel and a dash of sexual tension, the Cassie Palmer series isn’t your average girl meets vampire story. In fact, in the first book, Cassie would seriously like to avoid meeting any vampires if she can help it! Hunt the Moon is the fifth book in the series.

Hunt the Moon does not really work as a standalone read as you need too much prior knowledge of Cassie’s world to understand what’s going on. The rest of this review may contain spoilers for the earlier books.

Touch the Dark 3/5
#2 Claimed by Shadow 4/5
#3 Embrace the Night 4/5
Curse the Dawn 4/5
Midnight’s Daughter* 3/5
#2 Death’s Mistress* 3/5
#5 Hunt the Moon 4/5

*Whilst the Cassie Palmer series works without reading the Dorina Basarab series, they don’t work the other way round and it’s worth reading them in order. Midnight’s Daughter, for example, covers the other side of Curse the Dawn.

It’s the run up to Cassie’s coronation as Pythia and Mircea’s determined to keep her nice and safe in her Vegas hotel suite. I do kinda love that it’s set in Vegas for some reason. Maybe because it’s believable that no one would notice all the weird goings on! Of course, Cassie manages to get into trouble without going anywhere which cues time-travelling and ley-line riding adventures. I do think the action scenes were a little drawn out but it’s still a quick and fun read.

For those of you that enjoy the mythological aspect of this series, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The Graeae reappear for a stint (I do love them) and there’s a lot of debating about the connections between the gods of various cultures whilst they try to work out if Apollo is back. There’s an overview of Ragnarok which made me smile because that’s one of the books sat on my review pile.

In the past, I have noticed a lot of people commenting on the fact that the main love interest isn’t featured enough in this series. They would be on Team Mircea, who may be beautiful but is a possessive, arrogant vampire and, like many vampire beaus, comes across as a bit feminine. I am firmly on Team Pritkin. Many readers might think he doesn’t even count, especially if you’ve only read the first two books . Although he may not be conventionally good-looking, he is sexy and, dare I say it, a real man! Whilst Mircea is wrapping her in cotton wool, Pritkin is sneaking her out for pizza in the middle of the night.

Both Mircea and Pritkin get equal airtime but I won’t hint about who comes out tops in my opinion.

What a cliffhanger ending! I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next instalment…