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Month: May 2012


The Lilith Straight Blog Tour

The Lilith Straight Blog Tour is hosted by Dani @ Pen to Paper. I have read and reviewed both books in the Lilith Straight series for this tour. Obviously, if you want the first to be a complete mystery, don’t read the review for Straight…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I had a mystery Special Delivery package this week! Whilst I was sort of expecting the Bloomsbury Circus books I thought they’d just come by regular post so I went on a mission to retrieve it. I wasn’t expecting the canvas bag…


Email Etiquette: BCC

So, you need to send an email out to multiple recipients for your blog event? You just paste all the email addresses in the TO or CC fields right? WRONG! Unless you have explicit permission to share someone’s email address, you should not be sending…

General Fiction, Literary

The Bellwether Revivals

One late October evening, Oscar is drawn towards the chapel of King’s College by the mesmerising sound of the organ playing within. There he meets the beautiful Iris Bellwether and the man responsible for the music, her brother Eden. They are from a different world,…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Dark Valley

Guest review by Penny from ReadItSwapIt. This is the second in an Italian set crime series featuring Commissario Soneri. The first book, River of Shadows, was set in the Po Valley in the midst of floods and I found it very enjoyable, even though it…

Young Adult

The Selection

The prince of Illea needs a wife. Tradition states the king and queen must hold The Selection, a televised event in which 35 girls are whittled down to one lucky winner. She will become the future queen. America Singer is a five, in a caste…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday The cover of Saving June is freaking me out a bit this week as she looks just like me! I thought I might be imagining it but several friends have agreed. I even have photos of me with a red scarf wrapped…