Not much going on this week but I did write a blog post about boarding school stories. I read and loved The Year After You by Nina de Pass at the weekend and it made me think of how many boarding school stories I’d read lately.

And then I remembered I could make a list on (affiliate link) for them. This website is designed to support independent book shops in the UK. If you buy direct from a book shop’s page they get all the profits, so it’s a much better deal than Hive. I think if you just buy by searching or via a non-shop affiliate, shops get a small chunk of the overall site profits. So please feel free to use the book shop lists rather than mine. They need all the help they can get right now.

I also read Followers by Megan Angelo this week for one of my remaining Popsugar prompts. This might sound a bit ironic coming from a blogger, but I don’t like the whole influencer culture, I think it has ruined Instagram and people want to just be famous for sharing products. So I felt this book spent far too much time on the past timeline where they were becoming influencers, but I quite liked the future timeline, which was a bit Truman Show for the 21st century. I also think she would have been better off not trying to explain the how of things, because some of it didn’t make a lot of sense and it didn’t need explaining for the plot to work.