It’s been so windy over the weekend, so obviously we went to the beach! To be fair, most of our other options involved heavily wooded areas, and there have been a lot of trees down. This morning’s walk involve clambering over a few fallen oaks, to add a bit of excitement to a Monday.

Now that tourist season has died down, we can use the seating/play area near Highcliffe Castle as an impromptu dog agility course! It’s really just a bunch of fallen trees cut to size, I’m not sure what it’s really intended for, there was a hammock pre-pandemic, but it does make a good place to do a bit of agility when it’s quiet.

Scully the Labrador sitting on tree trunk with tongue hanging out.

I’ve not played any Animal Crossing since Christmas, but with the big new update coming on Friday I decided to dust off my island and get ready. Floofers seems to be a pumpkin farm right now, I had so many Halloween decorations left out from last year, but just turned round so they didn’t look carved, so it was quite easy to get prepped for this year’s Halloween. Or Pumpkin Fest as I like to call it.

Animal Crossing in game pumpkin patch and character with pumpkin head

I’m looking forward to having more farming and cooking in the update, plus the holiday homes DLC. I kinda got bored with having to do certain things at specific times, so I haven’t even finished my museum, but Kapp’n’s islands might help with that. Plus I will finally have a use for Isabelle’s amiibo card if it means I can design her a holiday home (or you know, just a home as she seems to live at work).

Animal Crossing in game Halloween

So only one book finished this week, The Dark by Emma Haughton, which is set in an Antarctic winter. I loved the setting and the every day practicalities of living in a dark and freezing environment, but the actual story was so slow. Please don’t stick something on the front cover if it’s not going to happen for two-thirds of the book! I felt like I was waiting for it for ages.

It’s a good thing I’ve only got four books left to read for the ATY challenge, as I think Animal Crossing might distract me from reading for a few weeks. I guess I can listen to audiobooks and play at the same time at least.

New books acquired:

Midnight in Everwood by M.A. Kuzniar
The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig (ebook)
The Fair Botanists by Sara Sheridan (ebook)