I’ve had a lovely long weekend and the weather has been glorious. We walked down to The Noisy Lobster and tried out some of their “fish charcuterie”, a Szechuan pepper cured cod and trout pastrami. We put the cod in some sushi and it was a distinctive taste, that didn’t get lost in the maki rolls. So a big thumbs up. It’s rare to try some completely new food these days.

Today we went out for lunch and to the arcades! We had a bunch of pre-pandemic points that we were keen to spend on something, just in case the place goes bust. But we had to play some games while we were there, of course. I ended up choosing a peacock plush for Scully, although it looks suspiciously like a blue giraffe with a peacock tail sewn on. It has four legs for starters.

Slight problem when Scully carries it around though…

Tail of peacock plush toy obscuring face of Labrador dog.

Scully has been limping a bit, although she’d probably still want to go for walks even if all her legs fell off. I did pull a splinter out of her paw pad this morning though so hopefully that was what was causing her bother.

Grumpy dog face, happy peacock plush face, peacock has four legs and no wings.

Oh and I also found some dog frisbees in Primark of all places, ยฃ2.50 for two! We’ve lost so many of the things and they cost more like a tenner in pet shops. These ones throw pretty well too. So Scully got a bunch of surprise presents today.

Last week on the blog I signed up for Wyrd and Wonder, and shared my review of Until the Last of Me.

I read The Butterfly Assassin by Finn Longman, a young adult story set in a closed city (somewhere in Yorkshire) run by guilds of assassins. I enjoyed this, it was a little different than expected. Since this was a review copy, a full review will appear shortly.

I also finished listening to Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments by T.L. Huchu. I love this series, but I have had trouble concentrating properly to audio lately, so this probably didn’t get my full attention. If you enjoyed the first, you will like this too.

In non-bookish activities, I binge watched season two of Upload. This is such a watchable and fun show, I love the AI guys, although the virtual babies were plain creepy. I’ve also been playing the latest DLC of Two Point Hospital.

Bonus Scully photo:

Scully the Labrador in evening sunlight

New books acquired:

[gifted] The Ballad of Perilous Graves by Alex Jennings (Orbit)
[gifted] Hide by Kiersten White (Del Rey)
The Cat Who Saved Books by Sลsuke Natsukawa (ebook)
Wahala by Nikki May (ebook)
Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield (audiobook)
Seashaken Houses by Tom Nancollas (ebook)