I was just starting to get back into the blogging groove when I went and did an update and broke my blog. Either I have a plugin conflict or the developers of my base theme put out a super buggy update. Things I’m changing in the UI just aren’t applying consistently, and I’ve had to go and manually fix things. So that’s been a major time suck. On the bright side, infinite scroll now works on the homepage. I know some of the longer post titles are causing a problem when it’s not picking up the right font, but hopefully everything else is working now…

So just before that all happened I posted two reviews, Far From the Light of Heaven by Tade Thompson and Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff. If nothing else breaks I will start going through my backlog of books I want to talk about.

This past week I finished the aforementioned Far From the Light of Heaven and The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling (who also writes as Rachel Hawkins). This was a paranormal romance where I liked the story of the accidental curse but I didn’t love the romance. There was so much denial and the steamy side didn’t seem to fit with the tone of the rest of the book.

The garden is starting to look a little sad, we planted a bunch of spring bulbs in all the empty pots, but it will be a while until we see them again. The acer might be a bit on the crispy side, but at least it’s adding a touch of colour at an otherwise gloomy time of year.

Red and yellow acer leaves

Very excited to get a NetGalley of Once There Were Wolves, I’ve got the book pencilled in for so many ATY prompts next year, but now I don’t have to wait for it (it’s out already in the US).

New books acquired:

Far Sector by N.K. Jemisin + Jamal Campbell
Iron Widow by by Xiran Jay Zhao
[gifted] Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy (Vintage)
Threadneedle by Cari Thomas (ebook)
Falling by T.J. Newman (ebook)
The Watchers by A.M. Shine (ebook)