What? A Monday check-in on a Thursday? Four days of being outside in sunlight really wore me out. I’ve also managed to post two very advanced reviews after thinking both The Butterfly Assassin and This Wicked Fate were early May releases. They’re not but well, at least they are out the way early! 🀣

I only read one book this week but it was a corker! I loved The Stardust Thief, if you’re looking for something to fill the Daevabad hole in your life, this could be it. Review coming soon.

Labrador standing in middle of river

After walking a middle portion of the Avon Valley path last week, we walked the Christchurch to Sopley portion. The signage seems to be a bit more obvious in the other direction, so maybe they intend for you to walk from Salisbury to Christchurch?

All the years I’ve lived down here I never knew you could walk along the river with a footpath directly accessible from Christchurch (it’s just off Bargates and not very obvious). For a while you have to walk past the water works which have some lovely old, stylish buildings.

Art deco style water works building dated 1959

I took the most flattering photo of Scully ever:

Labrador shaking with face all smooshed up

I think there must have been a lot of littering along the path during the pandemic because there were several handmade signs with odd poetry on at one point:

Signs on the Avon Valley Path

Sign reads:

Is it nice picturing a world as a withering dump, full of lingering rubbish, its so sickening.

I always think if you managed to carry the thing inside the packaging to the beauty spot in the first place, you can manage to carry your rubbish home with you! When I used to work in central Bournemouth, the beach and gardens would be a horrific mess after a nice bank holiday weekend. I don’t really get the mentality of just upping and leaving a pile of rubbish behind.

So, no rubbish left behind but I did inhale lungfuls of oilseed rape pollen. The field was doing a good job of supporting Ukraine:

Yellow field of oilseed rape with blue sky, similar to Ukraine flag

On another day we went to the beach and you would never be able to tell that Scully was hobbling around a few weeks ago. She flies over the boulders as we scramble to follow her.

Labrador jumping through boulders at beach

And a bonus flowering cherry blossom photo because they are so pretty and floofy right now.

Pink cherry blossom

New books acquired:

[gifted] The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen (Orbit)
Sofia Khan and the Baby Blues by Ayisha Malik (ebook)