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the undermining of twyla and frankTwyla, widow, mum of three, and Tanrian Marshall, has been best friends with Frank since the day his wife up and left. For eight years they have patrolled the dangerous land of Tanria together. Thanks to recent events, their jobs have got a lot easier, and a lot less dangerous. That’s until they find a colleague dead, and covered in glitter, with some suspiciously large footprints nearby. The only conclusion must be dragons… except they’ve been extinct for centuries, haven’t they?

Most people don’t expect to find a frumpy middle-aged mom patrolling the western sectors.

I found The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy charming, but I fell in love with The Undermining of Twyla and Frank. I just loved Twyla and Frank from the start, bless their hearts. They’re both pretty content being friends, and they are such good friends. Twyla doesn’t really think of herself as someone worthy of desire, but she’s not spending all her time bemoaning it. She has this whole great speech about being a chair which had definite America Ferrera in Barbie vibes.

Things start to change when a sexy-legged dragon expert in shorts is called in for advice and takes notice of Twyla. The dragons are so cute, sparkly vomit and all! When Frank is left holding a cracked dragon’s egg, you know exactly what’s about to happen. And they have to keep the whole dragon situation hush hush, which is hard to do when a baby dragon won’t let go of you.

It took Twyla a minute to realize that he had called the dragon darlin’, not her, and she was mildly offended. Then again, she of all people, knew how easy it was to be lonely, even with a baby clinging to you.

The villain was the best! I don’t want to spoil it for you at all, but just know, I was cackling at the motive. Loved it.

As I get older, I’m starting to appreciate more middle-aged characters in fantasy. Not everyone in fantasy lands are young and nubile, and sometimes they have trouble getting up off the ground. With a lot of romantasy getting spicier these days, I thought the sexual content was just about right. A touching (ahem) sex scene and a few hot and bothered thoughts, were just what it needed and didn’t get in the way of the story.

I’m so happy they’ll be more in this series. I just saw the cover reveal for The Undercutting of Rose and Adam, and I’m thrilled at the character choice.

The Undermining of Twyla and Frank is published by Orbit and is out 4th July in paperback, ebook and audiobook editions. Thanks go to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

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