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New Look Blog!
Weekly Update

New Look Blog!

This week’s check-in comes with a brand new look for Curiosity Killed the Bookworm! Yup, I’ve finally moved it from Blogger onto self-hosted WordPress after nearly ten years. I still have a few things to sort out and fiddle with, but hopefully the site will now be easier to browse, especially on mobile. I have over 1000 reviews (and another 1000 mostly-bookish posts) on this site, so it should be a great place to look for your next read (well if your tastes are similar to mine) if only you can find things.

A lot of the image formatting on existing posts are a bit wonky following the migration. I will slowly chip away at fixing this on popular posts, but they are all still readable. The image size will just vary greatly!

If you previously received my blog posts via email they should still come through, but I am planning on sorting out a better option for this.

I also managed to do some reading, including Winter’s Orbit which I have reviewed, and Black Sun which was my first five star read of the year. I will write about it in more detail when my brain has recovered from the blog migration…


It’s starting to get lighter in the evenings, so second walkies are back! Though it is very soggy and we can’t really walk anywhere fun.

New books acquired:

The Sad Ghost Club by Lize Meddings

Fangirl: The Manga Vol. 1 by Rainbow Rowell, Sam Maggs + Gabi Nam

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  1. karakarinanbr

    Looks lovely, Ellie! Well done! I just had to ditch my old blog template and go through all the posts with broken links. So, I know the pain and sympathize. This looks fresh, clean and professional.

    1. Ellie

      Thank you! I have been quite lucky with my links, I did pay a bit to use a premium plugin to do the import and that seems to have handled all the links, even the ones that wouldn’t match.

  2. Jeane

    It looks nice! There’s an image missing on this post though? I keep thinking to migrate my blog from blogspot to wp but it seems such a headache and I’m afraid to loose something after over so many years of work put into it!

    1. Ellie

      What browser and device are you using? The image of the field shows up for me on both desktop and phone. I think my caching is playing up a bit, but the images should be there…even if sometimes they don’t load immediately. I’ve tried fiddling with lazy loading so it might be that.

      Yeah, I know how you feel about fear of losing stuff. I’m a bit sad all my stats are gone, but I was also a bit paranoid that Google would do something to Blogger…

  3. Jemma

    I like the new look! Looking forward to reading your next review on this pretty template. πŸ™‚

  4. lydiaschoch

    Congratulations on moving to a self-hosted blog! I love the freedom that comes with that.

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