Local time: 17:00
Hours spent reading: 4
Total pages read: 247
Books read: 0.5

Currently reading: Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

I am loving Dread Nation. The action has just moved to the frontier and things are looking seriously bad. I’m just past half way and am planning on finishing it before my next update. I have spent quite a bit of time on Instagram so far, so going to try and read solidly for a few hours now.

Snacks consumed: salted caramel and pretzel tiffin bites

Scully has been zonked out for all the readathon so far. She had walkies and a bone this morning and it seems to have done her in.

All my photos look like I’m reading in the dark… Well it does seem very gloomy today, and cold! I think we’ve ended back in winter somehow.

Tell Me a Story Mini-Challenge

Hosted by Running n Reading

I don’t read a huge amount of short stories but I do like a well-themed collection. Diving Belles is one of my favourites, weaving together mythology, the Cornish landscape and modern life together beautifully. Notes form the House Spirits was my favourite story from this collection. If you’re more into futuristic projections, Children of the New World is great too.

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